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The Blockchain Lawyer

My name is Dennis Hillemann. I’m a lawyer with 13+ years of professional experience and focus mainly on the Public Sector. However, this site is not about my professional work as such – it’s about one of my passions, the blockchain technology.

My vision is to create a better future through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As a lawyer, I want to play my part by helping others to understand blockchain and its huge potential for all of us. Hopefully, I can contribute to more great projects in the future.
Originating from Germany, I passed both German bar exams with predicate exams, putting me among the top graded lawyers in Germany. Attorney at law in Germany since 2006 and today senior manager with KPMG Law in Germany, I have counseled both consumers as well as public institutions, NGOs and commercial firms, allowing me to combine and balance entrepreneurial ideas with legal restrictions.

With my experience from counseling European cooperation projects, I have also understood the different approaches to business and legal matters by different cultures.
I regularly write articles about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, both from a lawyer’s and a technology fan’s point of view. You can find links to my article here. Because of my interest in blockchain, I take part in a committee at the Deutsche Institut für Normierung e.V. (German Institute for standardization e.V.) to create a DIN-norm for blockchain, a work I highly enjoy.

It’s a great joy for me to talk to people all over the world about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other technologies that could help us create a better world. I’m happy to give my advice on such projects or just let our minds flow together in a conversation about your project, so feel free to contact me and discuss your idea with me.

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